Actuator Pro

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Actuator Pro generates vibration from an external audio signal source. Your gateway to tactile synthesis. IMPORTANT: This component is not a stand-alone device. See product details below.



Product Documentation

System Setup

This component is designed to work in a system and is not a stand-alone device. The following hardware is needed to use this module in your setup: Cicada AMP/AMP Pro.

With this hardware you can transmit sound through surfaces, like Cicada Soundboard Pro and Cicada PRE Pro, or any surface, instrument, or object with a contact microphone attached to it.

Minimum Cicada Pro Configuration

  • Cicada AMP Pro
  • Cicada Actuator Pro
  • Cicada Bridge (any)
  • Cicada PRE Pro
  • Cicada Soundboard Pro (any)

Accessories (Included)

  • Custom grey SATA cable (11.8 inches) 

Design Features

  • Two custom full-range transducers, optimized for bass and treble signals
  • Adjustable height to control degree of coupling between Bridge and Soundboard

Place of Origin

  • Made in Brooklyn, USA

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