Cicada Pro Actuation

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Cicada Pro Actuation Bundle is a stellar way to build out your system and delve deeper into acoustic synthesis. It includes everything you need to convert electronic audio input signals to mechanical vibrations, namely the AMP Pro, Actuator Pro, and Bridge. Use this Cicada Pro Actuation bundle to create vibrations to drive objects, instruments, or resonators with your own contact (pickup) microphones.



Product Documentation

System Setup

With this hardware you can transmit sound through Cicada Soundboard Pro and Cicada PRE Pro, or any other surface, instrument, or object with a contact microphone attached to it.

Minimum Cicada Pro Configuration

  • Cicada AMP Pro
  • Cicada Actuator Pro
  • Cicada Bridge (any)
  • Cicada PRE Pro
  • Cicada Soundboard Pro (any)


Accessories (included)

  • Custom grey SATA cable (11.8 inches)
  • Meanwell 9V 2.5A power supply (Universal medical-grade power adapter)


  • Two 3.5 mm mono audio inputs accepting Eurorack audio signals at 10V pp
  • One 3.5 mm input to Control DC offset 10V pp (-5V to 5V range)

Power Requirements

  • DC 9V 2.5A

Design Features

  • DC offset control

Frequency Range (input)

  • 0.001 Hz to 30,000 Hz

Actuator Pro

Accessories (Included)

  • Custom grey SATA cable (11.8 inches)

Design Features

  • Two custom full-range transducers, optimized for bass and treble signals
  • Adjustable height to control degree of coupling between bridge and soundboard

Place of Origin

  • Made in Brooklyn, USA

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