Coral Dual Tip Bridge

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Coral Dual Tip Bridge is a mechanical oscillator driven by the Actuator that vibrates on the Soundboard. At the tip, where it rests on the Soundboard, different materials have been curated for their unique sonic qualities, and to match the kinetic behaviours of each bridge shape. Through its two contact points with the soundboard, the Bridge creates complex patterns that can verge on chaos. The premium rubber tip allows for a hard, precise attack with a balanced low-end. The design is inspired by the Daxophone, an experimental electroacoustic instrument invented by Hans Reichel. IMPORTANT: This component is not a stand alone device. See product details below.



Product Documentation

System Setup

This component is designed to work in a system and is not a stand-alone device. The following hardware is needed to use this module in your setup: Cicada AMP/AMP Pro, Cicada Actuator/Actuator Pro.

With this hardware you can actuate surfaces, like Cicada Soundboard Pro and Cicada PRE Pro, or any surface, instrument, or object with a contact microphone attached to it.

Minimum Cicada Pro Configuration

  • Cicada AMP Pro
  • Cicada Actuator Pro
  • Cicada Bridge (any)
  • Cicada PRE Pro
  • Cicada Soundboard Pro (any)

Design Features

  • Interchangeable and hot-swappable Bridge


  • Spring steel (V-shaped, painted coral)
  • Rubber tips (2) 
  • 3D printed nylon (black)
  • High-strength nylon fabric

Place of Origin

  • Made in Brooklyn, USA

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