Polycarbonate Soundboard

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Polycarbonate Soundboard provides endless possibilities for modulation via interaction with the Bridge. Each Soundboard offers a distinctive sonic universe to explore, with specially selected acoustic pickups matched to each material. The Soundboards are acoustically "lifted" from the encasement to reduce ambient noise from the environment. Four independent force sensitive sensors located at each corner provide variable control signals to interact with other processes in your setup. This polycarbonate Soundboard has a harsh, clear and electronic-like sound, ideal for distortion and other noise effects. IMPORTANT: This component is not a stand alone device. See product details below.



Product Documentation

System Setup

This component is designed to work in a system and is not a stand-alone device. The following hardware is needed to use this module in your setup: Cicada PRE/PRE Pro (any).

With this hardware you can pickup sound from vibration sources such as Cicada AMP Pro, Cicada Actuator Pro and Cicada Bridge, or vibration source such as transducer, speaker, or instrument.

Minimum Cicada Pro Configuration

  • Cicada AMP Pro
  • Cicada Actuator Pro
  • Cicada Bridge (any)
  • Cicada PRE Pro
  • Cicada Soundboard Pro (any)

Accessories (Included)

  • Custom grey SATA cable (11.8 inches) 

Design Features

  • Interchangeable and hot-swappable Soundboard
  • 4 force-sensing resistors that generate CV output


  • Polycarbonate

Place of Origin

  • Made in Brooklyn, USA

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